“Great school. Wonderful experience”

Karen N.
New Bedford, MA

“I came to Massachusetts after I had lost my job in Texas some years ago and found myself not being able to find a job in my profession.  I decided to try and get a change of career by taking a course in Medical Billing, and picked Coastal Career Academy for their prices to be the place to do it.  I never thought I would stay with Medical Billing forever, but I figured, “its a job”.  What happened after I never expected.  The owner/director of CCA herself, Debbie Gomes, took the time not only to explain the programs offered by the Coastal but, along with her wonderful staff (Donna and Nicole being two of the best teachers I ever had – and not the only great ones working for Mrs Gomes) guided me through my options and showed me all the wonderful things the future had to offer when following a career in Healthcare, something I had always had wondered about but never thought I had the talent for.  Today, only a couple of years later, I have been a Medical Assistant first, and now a nationally certified Phlebotomist, happy, and excited to continue growing in the medical field, something that I would have never achieved if it wasn’t for Coastal Career Academy, Debbie Gomes, and all the incredible people working for her.  I talked to many other schools when I was making my decision, and I can tell you without any qualms that I would never have been where I am, and I would have never achieved what I have achieved without Mrs Gomes and her school.  Thank you, Debbie.  I would never be able to repay everything you have taught me or your priceless guidance, but I will be seeing you again soon.  I want to keep advancing in the healthcare field, and you have proven time and again that there is no better place to help you achieve your goals and dreams than Coastal Career Academy.”

Emiliano F.
South Attleboro, South

“Excellent choice if you’re looking to extend your education! The staff is professional and friendly. You can work at your own pace and always have someone available to answer questions. Love the atmosphere, in the process of learning a lot of new things, all around great choice for a school. Two thumbs up!”

Wendy C.
Rumford, East Providence, RI

“I have to say top-notch center they are running over there. I have had the pleasure of watching the employees an owner interact with students. Many people walk in off the streets and not sure what they exactly want to do and Debbie sits down with them and gives them one on one attention. Check out their website for all the different career opportunities. Make 2019 your year!!”

Marie L.
Mattapoisett, MA

“Helped me choose what classes to take first for medical assistant. I was able to take to courses online before the classes in school started. Managed to keep up with all my homework and studying. Questions were answered by instructor in class. Class size was good. This school was just what I was looking for and lived up to my expectations”

Carolyn G.
Mattapoisett, MA

“Great school. The director is super helpful and goes out of her way to make sure students understand all material being covered. Deb even went in on a holiday just to make sure I felt ready to take my test. If you want to attend a school with numerous resources and a director who will do everything she can to help you succeed then this is the place.”

Ali H.
Wakefield, Wakefield, RI

“Thanks to Coastal Career Academy i’m going into my 2nd year of employment in the medical field, since I thought it would never have happen since I made a career change mid-life.  Thanks for all the guidance and training given to me, I landed a job working  for 3 doctors in a busy office where I did my externship.  I would definitely  recommend Coastal Career Academy if you are seriously thinking about getting into the medical field.  Look forward in furthering my education with you. “

Robin O.
Pawtucket, RI

“I enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program last spring. Debbie spent extra time with me listening during my interview to what my goals were & guided me in picking which program would be the best to help me acheive these goals. The instructors Donna and Nicole were awesome and worked very hard to help everyone in our class reach our potential. With each certificate my confidence and desire grew. I am proud to say I passed my National Exam & already have a great job I love that enables me to take care of my family. “

Kathleen F.
San Francisco, CA

“I am currently enrolled,and i have to say the staff is very friendly. My teacher explains everything clearly to where we can understand it more easily. I was very nervous about starting this class but as time went by i felt an feel more confident in becoming a c.n.a. I’M so glad i decided to give this place a shot! I would recommend this school to anyone whl is looking to persue their career im the nursing career. Also best part is they have onsite daycare!! “

Tammy Z.
Fall River, MA

“Great experience! Affordable prices and very friendly staff and educators! I learned so much from qualified educators, and have used my experiences at Coastal Career Academy and applied them to my current job. Highly recommend! “

Kaleigh B.
Acushnet, MA

“I loved this school what really made my decision with going to coastal was that I could bring my kids as a single mother of twins that was my deal breaker the staff was devoted to my success and shows a genuine interest in helping me to achieve my goal of becoming a certified cardio phlebotomist! “

Kayla K.
Mount Hope, KS